Bedding ideas: choosing an ideal bed linen for Zen style bedroom

For bedroom decor ideas, apart from romantic style people generally choose a Zen style that gives a certain serenity and comfortable sleep. Zen style bedroom is now becoming one of the trends in decorating ideas; choosing bed linen in line with the Zen style is not always easy. There are three points to help you find an ideal bed linen that will soothe your nights.

Tips # 1: simple textiles

To keep the atmosphere of clean Zen style, we will focus mainly on single textile that is to say; we avoid the effects of materials with overlays or satin effects. If you want to have cotton bed linen, choosing a smooth and silky cotton fabric is perfect to create a cozy atmosphere to your bedroom. For a style type, you can also focus flax that has a rougher finish that opts for simplicity.

Tips # 2: preference for choosing single bed sheet

To avoid straining the eye, you can select natural color for single bed cover, it is ideal for keeping the soothing look of your room. However, we can play with pretty graphic lines with one or two stripes that value bed linen. Feel free to use colors by focusing for example on bicolor bed linen. If you really want also the reasons, choose something light and fits your bedroom decor as possible, small flowers or stems of bamboo.

Floral and green - Ideal bedding

Tips # 3: soothing colors

Finally, to complete your choices of bed linen, if you are interested in playing the color for your room decor so you should choose a favored color that enables you to sleep comfortably. So you can choose the blue that has comfortable look or other colors that will be suitable with the bedroom decor, one of the most important things is avoiding the bright colors because it can discomfort your sleep. You can also choose the green which is reassuring with its evocation of nature. In addition, all neutral colors and natural colors are also suitable for having a good sleep. You will understand the red or yellow are too bright and dazzled.

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