Bathroom decor – Some decorating ideas for walls, floors and colors

The bathroom should be ​​fresh, clean and clear and it is the reason why we should decorate our bathroom. And it is for this reason that we should choose the right colors for decorating the bathroom, the colors used for coatings, furnishing and decorating the bathroom, you can choose from the range of blues, whites, or the most the greens (which can give a good smell and prevent us to feel the unpleasant odors). In fact, the colors are able to evoke the purity and transparency, the fragrances and aromas of the woods to have more natural atmosphere. Blue, white, green, often softened only by the color of the fittings from steel or chrome heated towel rails.

The new trends 2013 2014

For some years, however, the trends in furniture have changed a lot. And also with regard to the bath colors, fashions go in a different direction, more fluid, freer, and less influenced by the tradition that preceded them. Of course the “old colors” always fall behind, but the companies that provide the painting or coatings often propose a revised version: the classic blue, for example, it is increasingly being suggested in combination with green, turquoise, blue and light blue. One of the most recurrent formulas for this type of solution is the mosaic pattern. In the market one can find so many different types: some professional home decorators suggest putting a random drawing, creating geometric shapes and floral style or other wall art decor. The mosaic is also often used for the floor decor: with these decorating ideas, the pool nuance is in your bathroom!

Which colors to choose?

Coming out of the blue range, you can only make our bathroom choosing any color you prefer, that best accords with our mood, with our personality, with the colors of our house. However, the watchword is how to make the bathroom decor to be more dared, fun and comfortable. You can try these DIY steps to have a very special bathroom decor.

Bathroom decor - Green wall painting and decoration

Whatever your choice is, however you can take small notions: the bathroom is the room that always dedicated for relaxation, body care, and energy recovery. Then, remember not to choose the colors that are too bright because they can run the risk of tiring the eye. It should also be borne in mind in addition to the above-what are blue in all its shades-the colors that invite the eye and the body to relax. The theories are ancient color therapy and teach us that the warm colors are those that invite you to relax: in pole position there are red-orange in its nuances and yellow and pink, cool color but declined in the ranges of cyclamen, lilac of purple lavender has a more soothing.

Choose to use the color that suits your bathroom decor and the style you need (remember that if the bathroom is dark, you will need more light, you will need to enter the white, to make the environment brighter), there is only one to understand how to decorate the bathroom floor with a suitable color: It depends on the bathroom floor, you can choose tile, painting or both of them? If you choose a bright colors floor, maybe a stove (remember that a floor decor need an arrangement in order to be a good combination, like the bathroom, where the floor tends to get dirty all the time with hairs, traces of cosmetics, water stains) maybe the solution for the bathroom wall decor can be a beautiful waterproof painting, maybe it invokes one of the colors for the floor decor trends 2013 2014. In this case it is important to remember to choose rather high baseboards. Conversely, if your floor is solid and for the same reasons, as mentioned above you should never choose a brighter color because it will be better to give balanced light to your bathroom, maybe with a solid coating but from the lively personality, or choose the tile that has more or less neutral and very vivid.

Of course, if we do not have the ability to change the coverings of our bathroom, you can still give it a color touch, with a small charge and a lot of imagination. How to do? Substituting textiles (carpets, sponges, curtain, shower curtain) or even all those small items that are always in a bathroom color (soap dish, towel rack, laundry baskets, glass for toothbrushes) or, finally, in a somewhat ‘more drastic, changing the ironing board cover or painting the radiator or the frame of the mirror. For bathroom wall decor you can also purchase stickers and wallpapers made ​​of special rubbers that resist moisture on the bathroom: give him another idea for color, at virtually no cost!

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