Baby room décor: Giving new look with a low budget

Want to new look of special baby room décor? This week we wanted to dedicate special attention to decorating children’s bedrooms in these times which many people assume to have a budget to furnish and decorating their home. Today we will focus on low cost ideas to renew the baby’s room decor.

As we renew our clothes closet with seasonal changes and even our own image from time to time, also the rooms sometimes need to change the look. It may be simply because we always see them just tired and in the specific case of the smaller rooms of the house, also by the changing needs of children as they grow.

General cleaning and reorganization of the room

Baby room décor - Lighting and wall painting idea

When we’re bored with a room or whatever we believe it is time to renew it, the first thing to do is remove everything inside it, review it, get rid of what does not work and replace that with that we want to stay. Along the usual time to accumulate things we do not use and clearly that’s not a good idea, if what is left is in good condition we can give and what’s worthless throw it away.

Once we are left with what we really want, a way to subtly change the look of a room is to do a general cleaning and change some things around. Whether in the children’s room or in general in any room of the house, a facelift as simple as that, it makes the room look like new and look another. I do not know if you it happens but when I finish my general cleaning, yet already placed, neat and tidy, I like to watch from time to time how good I have been, once I even feel a bit to admire the result.

Wall renovation

Baby room décor - Nursery wall decorating idea

But maybe with cleaning and reorganization is not enough because it is a change that you look deeper, perhaps a change of color on the walls, hide a mural which no longer corresponds to the age of the child or the likes, create new one on a smooth wall was once … The changes in the decoration of the walls will get the room look really different, because the walls are very important and are always in sight.

No overspending without hiring a professional, with a few cans of paint or a roll of wallpaper, a free weekend, enthusiasm and patience, we can get on the wall all that we have proposed. With this I’m not saying it’s not good idea to hire a professional painter, who obviously do an excellent job and would save us the task, but if we can afford it, we can change ourselves.

If we move from white color will require a pair of hands for the color we have left, if the change is the opposite may need three hands to retrieve the target, if we want some other effect such as stripes or patterns, obviously give us more work, but with templates, masking tape and a little skill, you can achieve excellent results. More tips: Tips for decorating amazing playing room for kids.

Changes in textile accessories

Baby room décor - Linen and decorative wall

One of the things that make the decorative style of a bedroom are textiles, I often recommend that the colors are introduced through textiles because they are easier to change, curtains, bedding, bedspread, the cushions, the carpet … there are plenty of things fabric, wool … in the room that can be changed frequently and that make the room seem another. You can also check the tips: Finding the best bedding companies: tips and guide before buying mattresses.

For example in the case of pads, you do not need to exchange them for others, only a few cases, giving them a new cushion cover is the easiest thing in the world, ourselves can sew by hand or machine, maybe even recycled fabrics we have for home, some old dress or a shirt, I assure you I have seen excellent results.

Cushions and rugs for children

The quilt is very fashionable make with knitting or crochet, also with traces of different colored wool, of course that’s more complicated than the cushion, because you have to know and knitting or crochet because obviously it takes longer. Curtains and carpets there are many prices, but we all know that today we can get them at a really low price color of our choice.

Repaint old furniture

Baby room décor - Repaint kids furniture

All photos by: HGTV.COM

Finally if you want to change is the furniture, there are several options to modify them with little effort, we sanded and painted in another color, or change their shooters for a radically different or we can do both things at once. There are more complex makeovers like photos, old furniture and outdated televisions can be converted into a play kitchen lovely clear that something must already have enough skill. Discover also the ideas to repaint your wood furniture!

The furniture can also be changed with paint or wallpaper, today effect paint blackboard is very fashionable you can then draw with chalk, but I recommend using it with caution, because it looks good, but after stain long chalk. Check out our tips: Wallpaper and paint colors: decorating ideas that kids will love!

In the case of drawers, storage furniture or changing table with a makeover enough, the cradle if not convertible, withdrawing one side we can easily convert into a seat, you can also do with her ​​a desktop, removing the side and up the base… the options will depend to some extent as the cradle of that we have, but you can always do things with her.

In short, we will say that once you’ve made ​​the initial investment to furnish the baby’s bedroom, nearly all the changes we want to do it, we can make for ourselves spending the least and sometimes material leveraging things we already have at home. The important thing is to have enthusiasm and imagination, to imagine the room of our dreams and the dreams of our children.

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