Awesome kitchen ideas: take advantage of American kitchen design!

Are you planning to renovate your kitchen? Then you might want to take advantage of American kitchen. These kitchen styles can be found almost in all households in the United States and also become trends in America Latin and Spain in recent years.

These American kitchen designs are also familiar with open kitchen concept, it can be connected to the living room or dining room, making only one room serves several functions. These kitchen styles are designed for more comfortable than the traditional kitchen, and they also have other advantages.

Do not know if the kitchen style is also for you? Discover some of the features to take advantage of American kitchen:

Stay in touch with any other rooms

The reason why many people prefer American kitchen, it is simply because they do not have to be alone cooking while the party is in the room. By having the kitchen and the living room or dining room connected, you have to feel a part of the fun.

Feel more spacious!

Open kitchen concept - Spacious industrial style

These kitchen styles are usually designed in the form of U, so that the furniture, appliances and cabinets are all against the walls. This leaves more space for preparing meals, walking and cooking in general.

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More room to sit

Modern American kitchen - Vintage furniture

If you have a bar or island in your kitchen, then you can use high chairs for your guests and family can sit. These can sit two to six (or more) people, depending on the size of your island.

They take up less space

American kitchen style - Trendy small space

The American kitchen concept also can be U-shaped, occupying the less space. These kitchens are the best choice for apartments or small houses. By not having a division wall, the space is also bigger and gives more space for furniture and appliances.

They have more natural light

Modern American kitchen - U-shaped kitchen idea

The kitchenettes have more natural light, and having no spaces divided by a wall, can be enjoyed from the windows of the kitchen, living room and dining room. This feature will also help to lower electricity charges, and you can use less artificial lamps and lights.

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They are more functional

The furniture, cabinets and appliances are located with special attention to the size and space, so that they are more functional kitchenettes. In general, the kitchen, the refrigerator and the sink are placed forming a triangle, to help you have everything nearby while cooking.

It kept clean and tidy is easily

American kitchen design - Modern open dining idea

In American kitchens fewer gaps and spaces are small or hidden, so cleaning is easier. You will have no problem to wash and vacuum the floors, since the shape of the kitchen makes it more simple and easy to organize.

There is more family relationship

While cooking you can also enjoy time with your family maybe this in the room, apart from watching all this going on at home. With a kitchen, if you feel you’re in command of your home. And why not, since your family is watching television, do not ask them to help you with dinner?

More comfortable and airy room

American kitchen idea - Elegant dining wood floor

The windows of the living room, kitchen and dining are combined to help the air to flow better into your kitchen; it helps more quickly to get rid of food odors. During the hot days, this feature also can help you keep the kitchen cooler.

You have more options to decorate

In a larger space you can make better use of your sense of decoration. Take advantage of your electromagnetically and use them as part of the look of your home. Use elements of the decor of your room in your kitchen and make a space to flow. Above are some ideas to take advantage of American kitchen. You can still find other awesome ideas in our previous post: The elegant decoration 2014: ideas to choose the right kitchen furniture.

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