A new trend in decoration: the bi-color effect

Home decor trends are the hot topic in some magazines and catalogs, especially for the color trends, the bi-color trend appears to the furniture and other decorative accessories. As delicately dipped in paint, the feet of a side table or shelf of a table or the bottom of a bottle color will be a perfect combination. This new trend is predicted to be the most preferred decorating ideas for the next season!

A variant of the tie and dye

Does it remind you of anything? Color part of curtains or cushions in color shades. The tie-dye trend which for several seasons gives dominant touch in home decorating ideas. Today, it is combining solid colors that are suitable for all kinds of decorative objects even for the furniture decor. The boundary between the color and the original color of the substrate is clean and honest, providing a more medium contemporary style in which adopts the modernity.

A trend that stimulates decorating style

A new trend in decoration - Trendy colors for room decorWith a clear preference for wooden furniture, the bi-color trend frees a portion of its original color to adorn themselves with lively colors that highlight the subject. The fluorescent pink, blue lagoon through the pure water or green white, the color is the appointment of this trend becomes more popular with the furniture of Scandinavian spirit. Tables with compass foot tables with clean lines, light wood stools enhance their simplicity with a touch of color.

Our tips on how to take ownership

As stated previously, the bi-color trend is a place of choice to color. The fantasy decorating ideas take possession of the furniture and objects is in moderation. Why? Because you do not miss your risk of grazing overdose effect, adopt only a piece of furniture that you have from your usual furniture. Similarly on a shelf, place a series of vases that you align two colors next to each other, but you can avoid these last sprinkle bi-color objects.

Fantasy decoration

You fear you get tired of this fantasy on your furniture or decorative objects? Yet today it is easy to find home decor retailers, this movement is inspired, known and renowned by some home designers. It is guaranteed that it will have its effect for years. While the color is at the rendezvous, but this is not ostentatious, just to highlight the design of the furniture or other decoration elements.

Our favorite home decorating and accessories shops

The bi-color trend is adopted for the first time by the Scandinavian brands. To mention them, there are Bloomingville and House Doctor that give a nice echo in their latest collection on the dining table and some of their vases decoration ideas. Other best-known brands and leading public and Fly or Monoprix affixes on the small furniture at low prices all. And famous mail order brand, La Redoute did not resist either! And you … what will you adopt?

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