A modern, comfortable and relaxed contemporary room style

The contemporary style is one of the most popular in home decorating ideas because it is simple, comfortable and relaxed. Neutral colors, straight lines, modern furniture and natural lighting are its main features, and those that most appeal to fans of this style. If you plan to redecorate your room, consider this style, as it is perfect for leisure and quite entertaining.

Windows for natural lighting

Good lighting is essential in the contemporary room style. If possible, use natural light. Many rooms have the advantage of having large windows and even casements, so make good use of them. Do not use heavy curtains, and leave uncovered in the day as much as possible. If you have a natural view that complements your decor, it will be more delightful to match the contemporary room style, neutral look more interesting and alive. Use light colored curtains when you need privacy.

If you do not have large windows, use artificial light installed at strategic locations. The contemporary style used a lot of floor lamps and table, be sure that all your living spaces receive good lighting using these accessories.

Straight line for contemporary furniture and accessories

Contemporary room decor style

Another characteristic of contemporary room style: Straight lines. As you can see in the picture, from contemporary furniture to architecture fittings are geometric. The straight and low sofas are typical of this style, but it is not so, you have to leave the comfort for the hands. Many options for decorating contemporary room style, despite it seems too firm, they have enough padding to relax for hours.

When choosing frames for decorating your walls, you use the simple and rectangular frames. Use square cushions in color shades to match your decor. Choose more circular or straight lines accessories on your living room, but balances the space with a round table or mat.

Add splashes of color to your room

The contemporary room decor uses a mostly neutral palette. This includes colors like red, black, white, beige and gray. But do not think that space ends up being boring, as the mixture of different neutral colors gives depth for contemporary room decor style.

But, if you cannot live without a little color, add splashes of bright colors that stand out among neutral. As you can see from the image, flowers and red box become the focus of the room. Pick a colorful part or accessory, and you can give more interest to the space. You can add more than one accessory color, but try not to choose many different or contrasting colors, as must be the most neutral.

Another option instead of neutral

What if you love neutral colors for contemporary room decor? The decor is designed in such way so that you can enjoy it, so if you do natural decor style, it is very simple, you use other neutral colors. If you still want to maintain the contemporary style as much as possible, using soothing colors, such as blue or green.

Try not to mix contrasting colors, like red and yellow, and instead use different shades of the same color. Depending on the role you want to fulfill your living room, you can choose a different color. Remember to maintain monochromatic decor, i.e. with only one color other than the neutral.


The contemporary room decor style with neutral colors and simple lines you can end up to make a simple look, why it is so important to use textures. In this picture we can see that it touch of texture to the stone wall, the soft carpet, wooden accessories, cushions prints and plants.

By adding textures, textiles are one of the best options for decorating your room in contemporary style, because you can change it whenever you want. Use different materials and patterns to create a contrast in the cushions, curtains, rugs and blankets. The plants are another way to add texture for a bit of natural atmosphere to your room. Choose different types and sizes of indoor plants.

Add your personality to the decoration

The contemporary room decor style is simple and relaxed, so you should not avoid adding your personality to the space. Do you like the chairs with animal prints? Use them. Want to mix different materials in the furniture? Do it.

There is no reason why your room can not have a little eclectic style mixed with contemporary style. If you are using the basic features of this look, straight lines, neutral colors, lighting, etc, you can still say that your room is contemporary in style.

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