9 ideas for decorating the room: colors and style combination

Inspired by the 60’s decorating styles, through the perfect combination of colors and decorative items, these charming interior decorations are all unique. And in these interior decorating ideas, the room colors are proposed to give a different touch: cozy, soft, natural and classic, they all show a style and character features.

Fancy colorful room

Japanese Fabric, French fabrics from the early twentieth century, velvet, vintage liberty, modern satin quilted chintz, designer Lisa Whatmough dare everything in her London home, even in the room with black walls. “I have no limits”, which assumes that rejoices to see her world, both feminine and whimsical, attract more clients and more. Romantic flirt with Laura Ashley, polka dots, stripes “Paul Smith”, the designer does not hesitate to mix patterns, like the English interior decorating ideas.

Here’s French floor lamps are orange velvet fabric. For curtains, framed in floral chintz are associated with stripes thick cotton. In the spirit of the place, the bench adopted by the dog Stanley, a “day bed” Victorian Marie canvas cushions, and old and modern fabrics mattresses. The suspension is in Japanese silks.

A room with easy colors

A room with easy colorsThe owners of this Carthaginian house restored and renovated by interior designer Philippe Boisselier wanted a contemporary style and some charge for all of their decoration. Like all parts of the house, the room color shows no conspicuous sign. It is simply furnished with a double bed covered with a clear and light machine, a light wood table. The windows, curtains and other interior decorating ideas are typical Mediterranean houses were painted blue. They provide not only a beautiful glow to the room but also the freshness once closed.

A room with blend of colors and styles

In the heart of Zululand, two designers built a huge house inspired by the architecture of art galleries and lofts in the U.S. Open nature; each piece reveals a world where colors, works of South African and Western artists blend their creations. In the same spirit, the room overlooks the garden colors. Wallpaper old “Lily Flower” in hues of blue, red bedside tables bright, ornate carpet thousand flowers contrast with the floor black which also highlights. A room in color with little effect is what could be learned from this piece with a strong personality.

A room with ultra feminine colors

Clorinda Mery designer made her house a bubble gently. The feminine colored atmospheres; she chose soft colors to dress the walls of its interior. White dominates the master bed and joins pastel shades skillfully combined. In her room, she chose a simple and feminine decor with some floral notes, including pillows and bedspread patchwork. The pale pink bedroom curtains color let in natural light and softens the whole, bringing a tangy touch. To mitigate the feminine style, Clorinda wanted to paint the walls white, stripped of all artifice, with the exception of a single star above the headboard.

A room with sober colors

The room colors designer Florence Jaffrain is fitted very subtle. Dominated by gray color “Footprint” (range of mind in Tollens States) from the wall, the room consists of several color detail, playing with contrasts, for a two-tone room with touches of neon pink present on the bedside table, the base of the lamp and the plaid. Bed linen, made with the same fabric as the foundation younow was conducted by the Office modeler studies Jaffrain Florence. On each side of the bed, the bedside tables are made from poufs “Baby CO.O”. Above the bed, a lamp “Full Moon” raised completes the picture. Cozy and feminine, the room colors create a soothing atmosphere.

Comfortable cocoon

Aurélie Mathigot, visual artist, has transformed an old abandoned house in an enchanting plant. In it, the artist metamorphose all everyday objects by covering tricot cover in crochet or embroidery, modes of expression to meet those who have memory and expertise. In this room color, Aurélie is inserted some traces of his travels in Brazil and Mexico where artisans perfectly mastered these techniques professionally. The bedspread is a perfect illustration of the work of the designer: centerpiece of the arches, it was directed by favelas women of Rio, and wears a dress in silk thread embedded in the crocheted wool blanket, as if she had been placed on top.

Above pale pink furniture in the same color as the hallway, Aurelie gave another dimension to a photograph showing the bridges of Paris in the mist fully embroidering. The room is furnished in colors like a cocoon, cozy and comfortable, where the atmosphere was intensified by taupe and a floor covered with gray painted walls.

Room in colors like a boudoir

In the room colors Sam Roddick, daughter of Anita Roddick, founder of The Body Shop and owner of a boutique shop where naughty literature rubs accessories gallant in a boudoir decor, played between shades of red and black. The bedroom walls are covered with color e shade “Rinpoche” and accessorized with a black panel with scales of paper signed Catherine Hammerton, and reissues appliqués Serge Mouille Gin by his wife, of the same color.

Set against the bow window, leaving softly filter the light in the room colors, a pretty tufted headboard taffeta plum is big overcomes suspensions black organza. On a small table is placed a lamp Anglepoise George Carwardine, as a bedside lamp. The question before the end of the bed on a floor painted black seat from a doctor’s office and was covered with vintage embroidered linen. Accessories and furnishings that reflect the mysterious and intense tones to a room give a little feminine and sensual living color.

Room in colors like a work of art

When Gemma Ahern decided to redo the setting of his duplex of 100 m2, she called her sister Abigail. With their London shop, sisters Ahern are true pro decoration. She decided to create an interior as an art gallery: the walls are not white, but gray for a cozy and intimate atmosphere with touches of energizing colors. S room for color, it is the urban arty side prevailed.

Opposite the bed, a wall served playground Russ, the husband of Gemma. Every night, Gemma falls asleep amazed by the work of her husband. As graffiti, a random color combination or aged pictures based on a wall like a painting where the colors seem to fade. To contrast the room color, metal arts like wrought iron  chandelier or candle holders are floating in the center of the room and illuminates the look of a ballroom. Attached to the wall just above the fireplace, chandelier orange glass came from the workshop next to the engraving of an elephant (eBay) and letters painted in pink (Natural Edge in London), other vintage items unearthed in a flea market in metal complete this eclectic atmosphere.

A master bedroom that mixes eras

In the room of their apartment Strasbourg eighteenth century of 250 m 2 modernized by designers Pierre and Sebastien Blindreiff Geissertdes V8 Designers and architect Benjamin Lestrat, Monique and Regis wanted rather neutral tones but always in style contemporary. The walls have been painted in a beige color while raw wood were covered in a gray purple for modernity. Meanwhile the bed was dressed in a linen headboard gray wool tailor made ​​by the Strasbourg Elastabil decorator. The bedside table “Crochet Table” by Marcel Wanders (Moooi ) metal and cotton echoes the suspension shaped spider “Random Light” Bertjan Pot (Moooi canvas) for a fitting visual effect of lightness. As in every room, the design spirit has been preserved with a painted black and fuchsia fireplace. In this room, no unnecessary decoration item, just a black-and-white “Jewels by Alexander count” Philippe Chancel. Between old elements and contemporary furnishings, this room is a beautiful demonstration of harmony styles.

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