6 Ideas for Decorating Modern Hallway in 2018

Introducing the 6 modern hallway decorating ideas 2018 – The decor of the corridors can be a great challenge. These narrow stretched spaces that sometimes do not allow passage or, in some cases even more complex, are part of a bathroom, a room, or any other area of ​​the home, can be exploited as functional environments or simply to enhance our furniture. So since you do not have to keep trying and let your imagination fly, in this article we will show you six spectacular ideas to decorate your hallways with style and modernity!

6 Modern Hallway Decorating Ideas – Colors, furniture, lighting, decor elements

Stone lining on a wall and strong color on the opposite

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It is well known to everyone that the smaller the space the less the amount of furniture we can insert, but in this example we can see that although there is a sink with the sink and the wall on the right is dark in color, the corridor does not Is resolved badly. The reason? The effect of the mirror. The way it is placed, using the wall space horizontally (which is then the best way to put things in small or very narrow spaces), produces an impression of exceptional amplitude and brightness! You can discover also tips on How To Give A Scandinavian Look To Your Living Room.

Image: homify / MeyerCortez arquitetura & design

Create a functional furnishings by incorporating it into one of the walls

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Contemporary fashion trends emphasize a fundamental concept: how easy a functional organization can be. As in this corridor, where the depth of the wall is used for positioning some shelves that open to the interior of the bathroom. And you can not help but highlight the choice of white as the main color in combination with wood, the details in red and black, but above all: the image of Star Wars that makes the corridor full of modernity in its maximum expression! Before continue, i suggest you to take a look at the IKEA 2018 Trends Catalog To Buy This August.

Image: homify / Transition Interior Design

Use hanging decorative elements, few but large, with lights

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The great feature of this corridor is the ability to express a modern and eclectic character in such a small space and with so few elements. The trunk and carpet give the space a strong vintage touch, while the very bright vertical lamps and some unconventional designs bring elegance, refinement and originality that give the environment a distinctly modern personality. You can also take a look also at these 7 Ideas to Give a Country Chic touch to Your Bathroom.

Image: homify / Isabela Canaan Arquitetos and Associados

Bright surfaces with adequate lighting without losing style

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A gloomy hallway can become an almost left tunnel. To prevent this from happening, try to predict a good placement for each light point you enter. The receipts are the most sought after for their practicality and non-invasive effect, while at the same time allowing for great lighting without the need for large ornamental lamps. And here are 6 Simple Tips to Bring Brightness to a Dark Interior.

Image: homify / Isabela Canaan Arquitetos and Associados


Mirror on mirror

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Here we see that really the number of elements is minimal, we essentially have a large mirror wall with another mirror overlaid through a frame. But obviously this is not a chassis anyway, because design is rather sought after. Instead, as far as materials are concerned, the marble floor gives amplitude and plenty of brightness to the place as the dark wooden doors go away creating a marvelous contrast. This image was extracted from a project by Isabela Canaan Arquitetos and Associados .

Image: homify / Isabela Canaan Arquitetos and Associados

Play with strong natural textures in contrast to white color

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In this corridor, the diversity of materials returns to be the protagonist. The stone exposed to natural, dark wood and the brightness of ceramics create a collection of very interesting plots. To note the sophisticated way in the space was designed, lining one of the dark stone walls to leave the other blank in order to create a sense of depth.

In conclusion, you just have to decide whether you want a modern, minimalist, elegant or very original corridor, and at the end no matter how tight it is – all options are possible! Check also these stunning 5 Small Modern Kitchens Designs Ideas 2018!

Image: homify / Oscar Hernández – Photography of Arquitectura

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