5 well-organized laundry room decor ideas

We evolve and have in mind to begin reforming the house, so I spend hours and hours looking online examples of decorating bedrooms, bathrooms and laundry rooms. On many occasions, we left the room hand washing, it is where accumulates the laundry and ironing and not you, but I hate doing those things … On the other hand if we study well the space we have, we can get a lot out. There are many ideas as shelves, furniture casters, racks … that allow you to save space and keep everything organized. Although I think the most important thing is to know to select a washing machine and a good dryer and from there get to decorate.

So i also spend hours looking at the pages of Samsung and other traders to catch up on the latest developments of washers and dryers. I must confess that I searched on Google “how to choose a wash cabinets” to begin to be clear what options I want to have my machine, I know it must be to put the quilts 8kg. The key is in my laundry room needs a change to not be so boring and today I want to show five examples of well-organized laundry room decor ideas  for your home.

Put the colors to your life!

Well-organized laundry room decor idea - Put the colors to your life

The colors give much life to a happy home …. I stay through to give color to your laundry room?… Your furniture may be white, but with towels, baskets and buckets of colors can give a special touch …

Organize the wash bins

Well-organized laundry room decor idea - Organizing the wash bins

The laundry baskets are good resources to organize clothing. In this picture to the left, we can see how having 2 baskets, perhaps one for whites and one for colored clothes … And at the bottom have several boxes to have clothes clean and organized … This is a very economical resource that lets you have your well-organized laundry room decor.

Organize in shelves

Well-organized laundry room decor idea - Wall shelves utilization

If you do not have much money to design the laundry room, the cheapest are the shelves … several shelves allow you to have organized a lot of things and appliances we use in the laundry room. Furthermore, if we combine it with a color so we can decorate a very nice as well as economic laundry room.

Save space

Well-organized laundry room decor idea - Space-saving decorating idea

Having the washer and dryer on top of the other allows you to save space and cupboards filled with baskets and allows you to compress the available space.

On the other hand, this room is ideal for disorganized and lazy people … You can always leave clothes the curtain lying down and notice that it is disorganized room …  Check out also our tips: 20 well-dressed decorating ideas for saving space.

All good wardrobes

Well-organized laundry room decor idea - Creating a good wardrobe

If you have money and want to have everything well organized decor on your laundry room, perhaps the best option is to create a good wardrobe that allows you to have everything well organized to avoid getting dust and odors from clothes. You can also create a specific locker for the laundry room also allows you to put a special door to the washer and dryer to hide appliances.

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