5 Tips to revamp your home decor in autumn colors

The home decoration is like fashion, it changes with the seasons to ensure its comfort and well-being. In the fall, the trees will blush, the leaves fall and the temperatures drop. The house must be compensated and optimized with some trendy decorating ideas for autumn fall. So here some cheap decorating tips to turn your home into a warmer and more ‘cozy’ place when the first autumn is coming!

5 tips home decorating for fall

The idea is not to engage in a comprehensive look to the house! Some warm colors, comfortable fabrics, soft materials and choosing the lighting design will play the important rules to get the trendiest and comfortable decorating ideas for fall/winter trends, also a cozy room that invites you to relax … These are the resourceful tips easy decorating ideas to implement without spending too much time and money.

Prefer warm and comfortable fabrics!

In autumn you want is a comfortable and cozy atmosphere in your home, so avoid the bright materials. It is preferable to use plaids, wool or leather for the floor. You may even consider warm and soft cushions for the lounge and carpet floor for your living room. It is the same for the curtains, for the windows and ventilation you can choose the curtains that can keep the fresh air. You can even decide to change your lighting fixtures and play with the colors to get more impressive look.

Trendy lighting colors and decorating wall in babys roomColor trends for interior decor

It is well known that pastel are trendy colors for summer decorating but they have sad face to welcome the autumn decorating trends for autumn 2013 2014. Opt for hot and intense as orange, red or brown colors. Of course, this is not the time to repaint the whole walls of your home, all you need is just changing some elements of decoration ideas: the bed linen, the towels, tables sets, crockery, cushions

The lighting ideas

In the autumn, the days are getting shorter; the light can be really impressed if you can choose the right types and ideas for lighting decoration. Feel free to choose comfortable light types and their intensities. For this, the dim lighting are ideal but for those who do not want to lose too much money, you can simply turn on some candles to illuminate your room in the evening. For a little more original autumn decor 2013 2014, opt for the decorative candlesticks; wrought iron candle holder can give more vintage and romantic atmosphere at the same time. You can also add mirrors that will extend or move the lighting to fit your room decor. Besides finding warmer and more comfortable decorating ideas for autumn 2013 2014, maintenance is required! Spring cleaning, you can take a little time for a spring cleaning on the autumn. So for the most enterprising, you can also consider organizing all room looks;

Tips for clearing up your room:

  • Bedroom: start from washing the bed linen, pillow and rearrange all the performance.
  • Living room: wash the carpet or wool, clean the floor and drain the sofa and cushions.
  • Bathroom: change the water of the bathtub, brush and swipe the moss on the wall.
  • Kitchen and dining: tidy up the appliances in your kitchen, discard the unused things, cleaning the dining table and repaint the furniture and more.

So have fun, be creative to make your home as an amazing place and explore the originality and vitality!

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