5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Coffee Table

The coffee table is the center of the living or family room and often used as a collect all. There are numerous styles of coffee tables and they come in all sorts of shapes. Whatever style you want to purchase, the coffee table needs to fit the style and décor of the room, plus have a large enough space to serve its purpose. Whether you want something formal to serve coffee and tea to socialites, or you are looking for a comfy table to prop feet up on after a long day, here are five tips to remember when shopping for the right table.

1. Finding The Right Size

The size should always be proportionate to the room or space the coffee table is being used in. A table that is too small will be un-noticeable and can make the whole area look awkward. Look at the couch that the table will sit in front of, that is how you will gauge what size you want. You don’t want a table that takes up more than two thirds of the entire length of the couch, because that would be just too big.

2. Making A Budget And Sticking To It!

There are some really neat ideas when it comes to coffee tables, you don’t always have to spend a fortune to get a great one. For instance, one of the latest trends in the primitive décor is to use an old trunk as a table. Not only does this bring in the old world style, but these can usually be picked up for under $50. If re-using and re-purposing is not what you’re looking for, then there are plenty of other budget tables out there. Set the limit on what you want to spend, and find a place that has tables that fall within that budget. Coffee tables can get really expensive, limiting yourself is wise.

3. What Shape Do You Want?

Drake Classic Modern Coffee Table

There are basically three shapes of coffee tables, round, square, rectangle and oval. The most commonly found ones are oval and rectangle. Before making a choice on the right coffee table shape, you need to take a few things into consideration. First, do you have pets and or children? A coffee table with sharp corners should be avoided. Many kids can run into these causing big problems. Rather, opt for a round or oval table that has no sharp edges. Usually an oval table is great for a room that is space challenged, but a square table is better for a larger space.

4. What Materials Will Work?

Class and mosaic tables are stunning, but will they work in your home? If you have children, you might as well forget having glass, it is an accident waiting to happen. Glass tables are beautiful, but they are not practical. Rather, opt for wood or a marble topped table that is strong and durable and can take a beating from children. If you do want to serve foods and coffees on these tables, you may want something that is easy to clean up.

5. Decide The Use For The Table

If you know that you are going to use this table for family game night, then you would definitely buy something with that in mind. If you want to serve food, you keep this in mind when looking at materials, weight and overall design. Each table has a use, even if it is just for décor. If you plan on painting by numbers with the kids in this space, then it would be wise not to invest a great deal of money. Before heading to the store, make sure you know exactly what you are going to use this table for.

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