5 Decorating trends for bathroom 2013

After we talked about living room, kitchen and other home decor trends 2013 now it is the time for us here to present 5 decorating trends for bathroom in 2013. In fact, this room is a place for utility and relaxation time. Often overlooked in favor of another room to be more spacious and “dressed,” decorating the bathroom is yet the headlines when it comes to talk of trends. What they will be in 2013?

1) The spa bath. It was never tired of the trends decoration for bathrooms! Declined in the traditional way with Carrara white marble countertops look more modern with clean lines and quality materials, the bathroom “spa” is designed for comfort. Both coasts sinks ribbed, spacious shower, a large deep bath where lounging, even radiant floor is to accentuate the advantage of comfort and well-being.

2) The glass paste. The tiles are being put on the appearance of transparency in 2013. Rectangular, square, mosaics or tiles glass paste are popular for the bathroom decor trends nowadays.

3) Windows. The dark rooms and bathrooms without aeration are now things of the past. Even the sense of “privacy” it is seen revisited with the arrival of the windows in the bathrooms. A strong tendency to natural light is the tip of the trends 2013 and will only grow in importance to me. Your house is terraced and windows are not an option? Well why not consider the skylight?

4) The self-supporting facilities. Cast iron baths with claw feet have long been a symbol of luxury. Today we see the democratization of self-supporting facilities with the arrival of these in a multitude of materials and shapes to suit all tastes and prices.

Natural brick for bathroom walls

5) Raw materials. Another trendy decoration for bathrooms which will be out in 2013 is the development of raw materials. After several years of impeccable work, without burrs and tricks, fashion is now up to the decorations for perfectly dressing every room with the latest home decorating ideas … and this is also true for the bathroom. And the brick walls and ceiling beams are left exposed, old antique furniture are reinvented as vanity on which is deposited a wash basin, and old industrial suspensions are installed as lighting. Here you can see the latest decorating ideas that become trends in 2013.

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