12 Great Design Ideas For Your Home Interior in 2018

Here are 12 Great Design & Ideas For Your Home Interior. Projects by designers and decorators are gold mines for all those who want to find good decorative ideas to reproduce at home. So we created a book of ideas using 12 examples of super design realizations easy to reuse in your interior to have a decorative space to the day. Follow us for this review of modern decorating tips that will appeal to lovers of beautiful interiors.

A blend of vintage and modern style

To have an interior in the air of time, a possibility that has the wind in its stern is to combine vintage furniture and modern equipment. Here the kitchen facilities are very modern but some furniture bring a little retro touch to the decor. Look at this modern style lounge by General Assembly below! (Source: contemporist)

12 Great Design & Ideas For Your Home Interior 2018 Decor Look-001 A blend of vintage and modern style

The sobriety

The important thing is to have an interior sufficiently unencumbered and to choose furniture and tones that harmonize well. Here the furniture presents contemporary minimalist lines. The few decorative touches bring an original note to the set. And the industrial style below is quite warm and cozy to be in your living room. Must-see: IKEA 2018 Trends Catalog To Buy This August!

12 Great Design & Ideas For Your Home Interior 2018 Decor Look-002 Sobriety of Industrial Living Room Style

A nice and soft color palette

Colors play an essential role in interior decoration. Sometimes, a few well-chosen colors are sufficient to illuminate or brighten a room. Here the cushions, flowers and some decorative accessories make it possible to insert a few touches of cheerful colors in all the light and discreet tones of this Scandinavian style living room. Discover our tips on How To Give A Scandinavian Look To Your Living Room? The Atticus Corner Sofa By Loaf is among ideas to enhance the look of your room.

12 Great Design & Ideas For Your Home Interior 2018 Decor Look-003 Soft, cool nice color palettes living room

Have a welcoming entrance

It is essential for an overall decoration to have such a warm and welcoming entryway since it’s the first impression your guests have, and the space that welcomes you after a long day at work. So, as soon as guests enter your apartment or your home they immediately feel welcomed. For this, there are very easy ingredients: a beautiful piece of furniture, a few decorative accessories and personal items. Warm and welcoming entryway with trendy paint combination; pastel yellow and black as the protagonist.

12 Great Design & Ideas For Your Home Interior 2018 Decor Look-004 Warm and welcoming entryway with trendy paint combination


Good lighting

Lighting is an unstoppable decorative asset. With a beautiful light, you can transform the ambience of a room. Light dimmed for a soft atmosphere for example. Here for example the original chandelier helps to make the room pleasant. The natural lighting can help you create a beautiful look for your interior as you can see the dining room below.

12 Great Design & Ideas For Your Home Interior 2018 Decor Look-005 Good lightning ideas for dining room

Open Shelf Systems

Having storage is an essential to have a pleasant interior everyday. The open shelves are a modern alternative that can be very nice, as for this unstructured white shelf that helps to make the decoration of the original piece.

12 Great Design & Ideas For Your Home Interior 2018 Decor Look-006 Modern open shelf bathroom inspiration

Use brighter colors

Feel free to use the light colors, only tonight for flooring or walls. The rooms will thus appear larger and more luminous and will be easier to decorate. The clear parquet or the stone slabs are for example very beautiful floor coverings, which visually enlarge the space.

12 Great Design & Ideas For Your Home Interior 2018 Decor Look-007 Use light yet calm colors


Dare to be original

If you like bright colors or original furniture, indulge yourself. Here the living room is original and chic decorating ideas, thanks to the large yellow pouf, the pink armchair but also the alliance of lamps forms far from classical.

12 Great Design & Ideas For Your Home Interior 2018 Decor Look-008 Dare to be original and chic decor for lounge

Organize a beautiful office space

If you spend a lot of time in your home and you have to work there, make sure you have a real office area. No need to multiply the notes of originality, the important thing is to create a comfortable and functional space adapted to your needs.

Recycle your old furniture and accessories

Why not reuse old dishes or decoration accessories? Some earthenware pots, old vases or other similar accessories can bring a nice vintage look to your interior decoration.

Highlight windows and natural light

With adapted curtains, sails or pretty blinds that let partly pass the light you can highlight the latter. Here the beautiful height of the curtains highlights the large windows and the light that brings out the green and original patterns. Explore these 6 Tips to Bring Brightness to a Dark Interior.

12 Great Design & Ideas For Your Home Interior 2018 Decor Look-009 Femininity floral pink curtain, cushions and furniture

Think your decor as a whole

Whether you choose green or pink, curtains or blinds, cushions or plaid, the key is to combine the different elements of decoration between them. So you will have a nice homogeneous decoration and well thought that will make your home a real cocoon. Find more tips to have some decor accessories of color easily. Get inspiration from these Spring-Summer 2018 Trends In Outdoor Textiles.

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