10 Ideas To Decorate A Wall In 2018

Here are top 10 ideas to decorate a wall in 2018. You have the desire to change but not the courage to embark on a complete makeover? No panic, in terms of decoration, no need to shake everything up to renew your interior. Decorating a wall in an original way will be enough to change the atmosphere of a living room, a room or a kitchen. Painting, plants, paintings or objects, all solutions to create a new home! Here are 10 ideas to draw to decorate a wall.

Ideas To Decorate A Wall: Painting in all its forms

Top 10 Ideas To Decorate A Wall In 2018 Trendy Dark Blue Walls and Sofa in Living Room

Put blue on your walls

Blue is without a doubt the flagship color in 2017. In total look or in small touches, this color with multiple shades is to slip in all rooms, without exception.

• By choosing a navy blue or a dark blue, you will be sure to give your interior a certain elegance. Ideal in a living room, mixed with natural materials like wood or stone.

• An indigo blue associated with a yellow ocher, will bring character and depth to a room, in addition to an atmosphere full of serenity.

• A light blue will magnify a room, soothe the atmosphere and be conducive to concentration.

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Create graphic designs

A wall of geometric patterns will bring a modern and dynamic touch to your interior. This is a good way to break the monotony and give a special and original character to a living room. The geometric patterns blend with all interior styles, and adapt to any room.

• Personalized, the graphic designs are simple to make oneself and all colors can be considered. With patience, a masking tape and paint pots, you can easily sublimate your walls.

• Triangles and diamonds are perfectly suited to the living room or bedroom walls, whatever the mood – romantic, modern or Scandinavian-inspired.

• Vertical stripes will give depth to a small piece.

Top 10 Ideas To Decorate A Wall In 2018 Trendy Watercolour Wall Painting Ideas

Paint your interior with watercolor

Even more original, water-based paint to apply as on a canvas. Elegant and poetic, a wall painted in watercolor will catch the eye and make you travel. In large format or on a small piece of wall, you can leave your imagination free by creating an abstract or figurative decoration of the most beautiful effect. Be careful, however, not to rush headlong, work upstream your creation on paper.

Top 10 Ideas To Decorate A Wall In 2018 Fresh Green Vertical Garden

The plant invites itself on the walls

Install a wall of greenery in your home

The plant wall, innovative concept, makes its appearance inside. In addition to its aesthetic qualities, it offers several advantages in terms of insulation and air quality. Even in apartments, you can enjoy a corner of greenery throughout the year.

• Total vegetable look up to the ceiling or table in the form of a metal cage, the possibilities are varied.

• In terms of plants, everything depends on the exposure: south of the Anthurium mingled with ferns will bring a graphic and colorful touch, north of the Crotons and the Ficus will blossom without problem.

Grow the plants to the ceiling …

Using wall guards, push plants onto your wall. Designed and elegant, these metal ties attach themselves to the wall, and allow to grow climbing plants such as ivy or vines.

• Hanging on a white wall, the wall lattice offers a graphic and elegant result.

… or to the ground

By fixing several shelves to the wall randomly to lay out a multitude of plants you will be able to obtain a pleasant jungle urban effect.

• By choosing falling houseplants such as Aeschynanthus, codonanth or rhoicissus, you will get a beautiful waterfall effect, natural and verdant.

Top 10 Ideas To Decorate A Wall In 2018 Minimalist Hanging Art

Tables and photographs illuminate everyday life

Organize a frame wall in your living room

Decorating a wall with frames may seem simple. Yet, nothing should be left to chance to avoid the overloaded side. In the first place, it is better to choose a well-lit wall with a sufficient ceiling height.

• A trick to test before you start: place your paintings on the floor to visualize your composition.

• Feel free to mix styles: pictures, family photos, contemporary or movie posters.

• Put a jumble of everything you like and give you a smile when you look at them. The success lies in customizing your frame wall. Aligning works of art that do not give you any emotion makes no sense to the extent that the goal is to decorate your interior in a unique and intimate way.

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Opt for a minimalist and refined decoration

A white wall decorated with a single painting can become a unique space of expression, which will transport you as soon as you put your eyes on it. To do this, you will have to respect 5 rules: the size of the painting, the colors, the arrangement, the frame and the lighting.

• If you choose a large picture and place it on a bare wall, it will become the hang point of the room.

• Make sure that the painting or the photograph matches your decoration and your furniture. A brightly colored painting will find its place in a clean and sober interior.

• Conversely, a monochrome work will fit perfectly into a room full of colors. It’s all about balance.

Collections displayed on the wall

Top 10 Ideas To Decorate A Wall In 2018 Modern, Colorful Plates and Dishes in Wall

Twist your interior with old and modern plates

Long regarded as cheesy and outdated, plates on the wall come back strong. Vintage or contemporary, this type of decoration easily replaces the frames on the wall.

• Everything is allowed: chiné plates, modern collections or creations of artists, you have the free field.

• At present, few plates are intended to be fixed to the wall. For this, the use of special hangers is essential.

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Top 10 Ideas To Decorate A Wall In 2018 Trendy Ethnic Chic Basket for Blank Wall

Exhibit your baskets

The round ethnic basket on the wall stands out as the new deco trend. These large colored and graphic woven baskets do wonders on the walls of the house.

• By varying sizes and colors, you will be sure to get a delightfully bohemian decoration.

• Alternative to ethnic baskets: vintage baskets made of wicker or rattan, to be hunted in the garage.

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What do you think about the top 10 ideas to decorate a wall in 2018? Please give us your thoughts on the comment below!

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