10 ideas of home decoration that will be trends in 2013

After 2012 under the sign of extravagance and the accumulation of colors, so for the decorating ideas 2013 will look more refined and serene without creating a boring atmosphere at home. This is a little review of emerging trends this year.

A casual range of chic colors

A casual range of chic colors - Home decor trends 2013

Exit the color block in 2013 the simple colors, soft, chic and refined like white, beige, pearl gray and taupe are displayed throughout the house and participate in the creation of a clean room.

The adaptable design

Home decor trends 2013 are completely rigid and strictly impersonal industrial design! The vintage 2013 design is more flexible and emotional wants and adapt to individual needs.

More industrial furniture looks

The loft takes the ease. This year we continue to say “yes” to the gray, black and white as well as out of the factories metal furniture … or pretending!

Natural wood for interior home decoration

Trends with nature wood are obviously a place in the interiors. We note the return of the paneling that is placed on a wall or button and choose preferably light wood.

The ethnic chic lamp decoration

In a context marked by the crisis, recycling craft, up cycling and solidarity trade trends remain. This year we focus on the search for the true, authentic furniture but also to tell a story and a tradition.

The popular prints to decorate the living room or bedroom

Vintage patterns, geometric, Scottish, striped or plaid, lace, embroidery, pleated and stitched, fabric a makeover. In 2013, home decor trends are using abundance looker and personalize their home without any change.

Absolute minimalism

Exit the frills, this year the minimum play and confidential. It favors a return to the essential, lightweight building on furniture minimalist geometric shapes and soft colors.

A return to basics

In 2013, it is said to stop waste, over consumption and abundance. The home decor trends will become extremely simple in clean air or forms and using primary or transparent colors.

Vintage for ever

The old school design and recycling spirit will fit without bad taste to bring the character and patina to our interiors.

Natural materials for a cozy atmosphere at home

You do not change a winning team! For home decor trends 2013, people are continuing to improve the wave of 100% natural raw materials such as linen, wood, cork, stone and bamboo. Here you can look the full pictures for decorating trends 2013 on the gallery!

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