10 Guides to Organize Your Laundry Room Efficiently

The laundry room can easily become a mess. From the clothes you need to wash, clean clothes that already washed, cleaning supplies and other strange objects that always end up in this corner, the laundry usually becomes a forgotten. The washing, drying and ironing clothes is already a boring task, and to make this activity more enjoyable, it is important that your laundry has a good, pleasant and comfortable place.

Tips & ideas for organizing a laundry room

Follow these tips to make your laundry a favorite place in the house!

Use the Space above the Washer and Dryer

The space above the washer and dryer can be converted into a space for folding clothes. Install it as a shelf so that the surface is at level. This space can also be used to board, put baskets or cleaning supplies. If you do not have much space, this is a good way to maximize your laundry.

Install Shelves to the Ceiling

The wall is another area you should use more; you have a small or large laundry. Install shelves to the ceiling, and keep a small folding ladder in the corner, so you can quickly access the highest shelves.

Leave enough space between the shelves for larger items, such as baskets or extra cleaning supplies and paper.

Make an Island

If you are lucky enough to have a large space like your laundry, it is a good idea to install an island. This space not only serves to fold clothes, but you can put baskets underneath for extra storage.

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Set Good lighting

The lighting helps your laundry room organized and clean look.

Do not cover the windows, but if you add a curtain as decoration. Make sure you have sufficient artificial light in the form of lamps and white light bulbs used.

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Use a Basket for Several Items

In preparing the clothes to be washed always we find small items in the pockets. You can prevent these items from becoming lost with a small basket or tray. When someone in your family look what was on his pants, he knows where to find it.

Sorting Clothes in Baskets

Some baskets to sort laundry will save you time before washing.

Separate clothes between bright and other darker colors, remove the stains and the clothes need to be dry cleaned as you take them to the laundry. When a basket is full, you know it’s time to do a wash.

Use an Ironing Board on the Wall

To save space install a wall board, which only need to deploy when needed. Some boards of this type have included shelf where you can store the iron and removes wrinkles.

Keep the Cabinets Clean

Items of cleaning can easily become a mess. Arrange them in different cabinets, classified by type. Save all you need to wash in a cabinet, toilet and extra paper in another cleaners. Put the items you use most often in the nearest cabinet.

Add a Collapsible Drying Rack

A tenter is necessary to dry parts that you cannot put in the dryer, and also a good way to save energy. Pick one folding to save space.

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Extra Storage

Try to have extra storage space, because you will need to put clothes and have to save extra items that are coming to the washer. So you can prevent the disorder if you need to make use your laundry for other functions.

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